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… and that’s where PowerForward started

The goal might be different, but the fundamentals are the same. Whether it’s striving for a basketball championship or trying to reach your goal as a company or individual, success starts with getting your team to play as one.

As the head coach of the Duke University men’s basketball program for the last 37 years and USA Basketball for ten years, Mike Krzyzewski, Coach K, has done this through creating a clear vision of success and motivating his players to develop a strong emotional connection to that vision – they not only hear or see it, but they feel it.

Why PowerForward?

Through countless conversations and interactions with executives and companies, it became clear to Coach K that they share the same challenges. Professionals want to get better in their own roles, just like his players seek to improve on the court. And organizations want to build their own winning teams, just like the tradition that’s been created in the Duke and USA Basketball programs.

With PowerForward, Coach K has recruited a team of diverse leaders who walk you through some of their most critical professional and personal crossroads.

What would you do? What would your team do?

These conversations put you in the game, giving you the practice to understand and feel just what our leaders have faced. You’ll learn applicable lessons and tools that will put you in a position to win, when the game is on the line.

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Our online, self-paced courses allow you to tackle some of the most frequently experienced professional and personal challenges. You’ll learn from Coach K and other leaders through videos, “choose your own adventure” style questions and actionable worksheets.

Team Programs

We’ll partner with you to create the right blended learning solution for your team. From empowering your team across all levels to forming stronger cross-team collaboration, organizations work with PowerForward to help their team members reach the next level together.

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Experience our learning approach in person. Our fireside chats will give you the opportunity to hear from and meet top leaders and spark new conversations. Leave with the inspiration and knowledge to reach the next level in your career and achieve that goal that felt unreachable.

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